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MU-OP production house.


administering & overseeing broadcasts.
cataloging & designing.
demanding & demonstrating quality context and content.
producing & delivering.

dev. hosting

idea/s; from concept, through design to life...

physical products transformed into digital market and chase channel controlled from end-to-end!!! please be advised that all hosting plans includes basic security and maintenance...

UB/33 ...branding + hosting & hosting + automation | $.00/1st. year
composour. & rocordour. clients $35/year cataloging fee
starting @ $180/year premium cataloging fee

n/f commune

stating their day the holy way with digital pay...

blend your products into your digital world while engaging sales through merchant brands like apply pay | amex express checkout | master-pass & visa checkout!!! please be advised that secure remote commerce(src) program guide are and will continued to be followed...

web/app dev. starting @ $260/year per merchant brand account